About the Author

About the Author

Joel Bernard is an author, illustrator, photographer, designer, adjunct university professor, and information technology professional who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.

He is an ordinary guy surrounded by extraordinary people. He is inspired every day by his children, Claire and Eli, and his wife, Laura. He enjoys creating things, especially things that make his kids smile, like a Lego unicorn, a silly song, or a book about a scary beast and a brave little girl.

For feedback, questions, business inquiries, or just to say “hi”, email Joel at joel@claireandthebeast.com or stop by Facebook.

About the Author’s Daughter

The main character in “Claire and the Beast” is based on Claire, the author’s daughter. “It looks just like me!” Claire says.

Claire was five years old when this story was written, but now she is older than that, somewhere out there, doing amazing things. It has long been suspected that Claire is a secret super hero. If you ask her about it, she’ll say, “I’m not a secret super hero.” But isn’t that exactly the sort of thing a secret super hero would say?